Barb Picciano, RN, BSN, HN-BC, is Manager of Healing Services in the Center for Ethics, Humanities, and Spiritual Care at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH, USA. Barb is a board-certified holistic registered nurse, with a passion for creating the best possible patient experience and work environment for her caregiver colleagues, her patients, and her patients’ families. Her professional training has included Healing Touch, Reiki, Holistic Nursing, Healing from the Body Level Up, Holistic Coaching, and Clinical Acupressure, and she is certified in holistic stress-management instruction and in clinical aromatherapy.

In her current post, she manages and continues to develop the Healing Services and Code Lavender teams for the Cleveland Clinic Enterprise, while providing day-to-day management for the main campus team. Her internal consulting, supportive, and training skills lend themselves to the development of both holistic care teams within the system and of general holistic initiatives; she is the main external contact and source of information for these services and programmes. Barb’s passion is not only to provide a patient experience that addresses the whole person and the family, but also to educate and support the caregivers in self-care, holistic practice, and healing modalities, which may enhance their own well-being and that of their patients.

Barb has spoken at many summits and meetings, including the Cleveland Clinic Empathy and Innovation Summit, the American Holistic Nurse Association National Conference, the Healing Touch International Conference, the Modeling and Role Modeling National Conference, and the Nursing Innovation Summit at the Cleveland Clinic. Barb also has presented several poster sessions, including the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses’ Association and National Association of Catholic Chaplains.

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Reporting of suspected adverse events is important. It allows continued monitoring of the benefit/risk balance of the medicinal product.
To ensure correct adverse event reporting, healthcare professionals are encouraged to use the appropriate website for their national authority.