Prof. Dr. Frank Elsner was born in Wermelskirchen, Germany. He received his medical education at the University of Cologne, Germany. Since May 2014, Prof. Elsner is the Vice chair and assistant medical director at the department for palliative medicine at the university hospital of RWTH Aachen University, Germany. Prof. Elsner is Chair of the Steering Group on Medical Education and Training of the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) since January 2008.

International Research Collaborations

  • Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • University of Navarra, ATLANTES Research Programme, Institute for Culture and Society at the University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain
  • Trivandrum Institute of Palliative Sciences in Trivandrum, India
  • Department of Anesthesia and Pain Management, Peking University People’s Hospital Beijing, China

Prof. Dr. Frank Elsner worked on 143 publications:

  • Original Articles: 61
  • Review Articles/Editorials: 49
  • Book chapters and articles: 33
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Reporting of suspected adverse events is important. It allows continued monitoring of the benefit/risk balance of the medicinal product.
To ensure correct adverse event reporting, healthcare professionals are encouraged to use the appropriate website for their national authority.