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Beyond Treatment of people with cancer

November 29th 2018


About the event

Survival rates for people with cancer have increased dramatically in the last few decades. And, although many cancers are still incurable, they can be controlled long-term so have become chronic conditions.


In this context, the aim of BeCOn OWN 2018 is to think more beyond and focus more attention to the treatment prevention and early management of potential symptoms. Enhancing patient experience, quality of care and patient satisfaction can all be achieved by considering supportive and palliative care as early as possible in the patient journey, a journey that, so often now, is longer than ever.


Enhancing Patient Experience
Enhancing patient experience is a core objective and a direct measure of performance. The aim of the session is to describe patient perceptions of supportive and palliative care and facilitate better communication and shared decision-making

1 hour
Enhancing Quality of Care
Jean Klastersky and Stefano Fogli: The importance of supportive care measures to optimise management and outcomes of cancer patients should not be overlooked. The aim of the session is to help attendees evaluate supportive treatment options for the prevention of febrile neutropenia from a clinical and pharmacological perspective. Sebastiano Mercadante: Breakthrough cancer pain (BTcP) has a significant impact on quality of life. Anxiety, depression and sleep disorders are common and the inevitability of further episodes takes a toll with many patients experiencing worsening mobility and social isolation. The aim of this session is to share the findings of a recent European HCP and patient survey on BTcP.

1 hour
Panel Discussion
Discussion with all speakers and take home messages

1 hour
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Reporting of suspected adverse events is important. It allows continued monitoring of the benefit/risk balance of the medicinal product.
To ensure correct adverse event reporting, healthcare professionals are encouraged to use the appropriate website for their national authority.